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Hello, I'm Anthonette! I am a full time wedding and couple photographer and the creator of Rein.Living Photography. Although I was born and raised in the United States, Austria has been my home since November of 2016, when I got married and moved to my husbands home town. I am a musician by trade, but love anything that allows me to express my creativity in a dramatic way. I am a hopeless romantic and addicted to traveling, experiencing the world and creating memories!

Adventure is Calling

A Closer Look

My introduction into photography isn't your typical story. A friend and fellow photographer gave me the nudge to pursue this based on her gut feeling, and I am so thankful she did! At the beginning of 2019, she packed up one of her spare cameras, some lenses and handed them to me. I spent the next 6 months learning as much as I could from her and watching other photographers who I admire and respect. I had planned on simply being a second shooter for a couple years, but with a gentle kick in the pants, I ventured out and started Rein.Living Photography only 9 months after I had ever picked up a camera! I have been incredibly blessed by amazing clients and overwhelmed by how quickly everything has taken off!

Photography has turned into a passion that I never knew was waiting for me! I throw everything I am into creating an experience that is tailored to each of my clients and best depicts who they are and what they value. I am definitely not a, "pose and smile" kind of photographer. Any shoot with me will be filled with laughter, movement and genuine moments. I realize I am not for everyone, and that's ok, but if you are looking for adventure and intimate, genuine moments, then let's chat!